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Humanities Conference 2018

Brought to you in association with:

The University of Warwick

Geographical Association

Historical Association

New to our programme for 2018 is our Humanities Conference.  During this event we will be focusing specifically on History and Geography and exploring some exciting and engaging ways to support learning within these subjects, whilst also making links across the wider curriculum.

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Introduction: News and Updatesled by the Historical and Geographical Associations

Session 1: ‘Planning History and Geography together – but separate’ – led by Ben Ballin & Alf Wilkinson
History and Geography complement each other. For example, it is impossible to fully understand Ancient Egypt without studying the River Nile, flooding and agriculture. This session will use two examples from the History curriculum and two from the Geography curriculum to show where and how planning both subjects together can help our pupils to better understand the world they live in.
Ben and Alf’s session will promote the use of a number of key skills including: Inquiry based approaches; Making connections between subjects and topics; Questioning; Fieldwork and Investigation
There will be time for colleagues to reflect on how to apply these models to a range of topics and subject areas. Bring a stick and take away the materials.

Session 2: ‘How can we create learning environments that meet the needs of students, while satisfying the demands of the system?’  – led by Tim Taylor

Our aim is to turn the curriculum into an experience that makes learning exciting and meaningful for our students, while also challenging their thinking, developing their knowledge, and exploring the content in more depth. With the ever increasing focus on standards in numeracy and literacy, there is a danger the humanities are being pushed to the sidelines and learning becoming a long sequence of regimented activities. No one disagrees that schools should do their best to raise standards, but it serves no one – least of all children – to only concentrate on a narrow band of skills. In this session we will explore how the humanities can be used to create meaningful contexts for learning. It will involve a ninety minute inquiry, using a number of historical resources, which will go step by step through a session used many times with pupils. During the session participants will have the opportunity to see the method in practice and to reflect on how it can be used to develop challenging and meaningful learning across the curriculum.


Ben Ballin is a Geographical Association Consultant and a board member for Primary Geography magazine. Ben leads CPD for schools across the country and has written widely on the subject of Geography. Ben’s interactive training style allows participants to build their confidence as teachers and leaders of Geography, respecting each others’ expertise, whilst developing new learning, through structured activities and other interventions. Check Ben out on twitter @BenMBallin

Alf Wilkinson is a former Head of History and ICT Co-ordinator and has taught history for many years. He is now the CPD Manager for the Historical Association. Alf is also a freelance history education consultant and a prolific educational author. Most recently he has devised and developed a successful series of online CPD modules for teachers across both primary and secondary.

Tim Taylor is a teacher/trainer from Norwich. In 1995, Tim was inspired to use imaginative-inquiry as an approach to learning and teaching within his own classroom and since then has researched and practiced using Mantle of the Expert (MoE), first in his own classroom and then by supporting other teachers and schools. Tim now works freelance, offering support and training in the use of approaches to imaginative-inquiry. Tim has led and participated in many professional development projects in schools across the UK. He has taught in the USA and Palestine and is a visiting lecturer at Newcastle University. He is the editor of mantleoftheexpert.com and imaginative-inquiry.co.uk and writes regularly for the Guardian Teacher Network and for other education publications.


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If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02476 347697 or email: info@gatewayalliance.co.uk


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