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Preventing the Gap – Making Big Impacts Through Small Changes in Mathematics led by Andrew jeffrey

This event is sponsored by Oxford University Press


During the day we will consider how to make big impacts through small changes in the teaching of mathematics, looking at :

  • What does effective mastery look like in mathematics, and how can this be based on Bruner’s and Dienes’ research?
  • Concrete, Pictorial to Abstract: tasks to help children understand the concepts behind what they are asked to do, to ensure that all children are successful in mathematics.
  • Spacing and Pacing: what we know about how children’s brains learn mathematics, so we can leverage the powerful aims of the 2014 National Curriculum to support Mastery
  • Deeper Not Further: Problem solving, including ways to keep “faster graspers” engaged, and a thorough analysis of, and ideas for, questions such as those in this year’s KS2 tests.


Andrew Jeffrey taught for over 25 years, and has been a teacher, school leader, inspector, lecturer, author (Numicon and more) and consultant. His passion for helping children learn, love and understand the patterns and structures of mathematics along with understanding why some children find mathematics so hard has led him to become an international conference speaker and teacher trainer.

Andrew is also a magician and loves magic tricks with mathematical secrets!


This event is free to those schools who subscribe to the Gateway Alliance – core offer for MATHS subject development.

There is one place available per subscribing school. Additional places may be booked at a cost of £100 per person.  Non-subscribing schools may attend, subject to availability, at a cost of £175 per person. Invoices to be paid prior to the event.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02476 347697 or email: info@gatewayalliance.co.uk

Stoneleigh Park Stoneleigh Road (B4113)
Kenilworth, CV8 2LG United Kingdom

Who's Attending

75 people are attending Maths Conference 2017 – Andrew Jeffrey

  • Martyn Yeo
  • Illey Shelley
  • Kirsty Smith
  • Julie Forshew
  • Eleanor Choudry
  • Karen Bishop
  • Louise Barrass
  • Alexandra Saika
  • Siobhan Marrow
  • Katie Gane
  • Fiona Caddick
  • Donna Harrington
  • Samantha Baker
  • Tim Dale
  • Allison Underhill
  • Jan Tait
  • Caron Pearman
  • Karen Johnson
  • Jocelyn Hilton
  • Audra Randall
  • Liz Bradbury
  • Simon Pearson
  • Simon Pearson
  • Lisa Morris
  • Mel Caffrey
  • Emma Boulstridge
  • Deb Davis
  • Lynne Daniels
  • Louise Mohacsi
  • Nic Johnson
  • Joy Hancox
  • Kerry OGrady
  • Lisa Chisholm
  • Alicia Ford
  • Rachael Bramwell
  • Karen Davidson
  • Maggie Godfrey
  • Jennifer James
  • Mandy Rosamond
  • Claire Gutteridge
  • Sally Saunders
  • Louise Hopkins
  • Sam Pater
  • Susan Bostock
  • Sarah Hendry
  • Georgina Mason
  • Jane Price
  • Hazel Tomlinson
  • Clare O'Brien
  • John Elmer
  • Claire Mottram
  • William Young
  • Christian Hilton
  • Hayley Evans
  • Julie Clarke
  • Emma Moon
  • Julia McCarthy
  • Karen Beck
  • Michelle Jones
  • Lesley Warner
  • Marie Osborn
  • Joanne Taylor
  • Amanda Genge
  • Jo Pound
  • Jen Bolland
  • Joanne Hansen
  • Tana Wood
  • Felicity Blundell
  • Andrea Schofield
  • Kiran Baker
  • Louise Eccles
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