Core Offer

Through our Core Offer CPD programme we have created a package of training and events which schools can choose to subscribe to annually in order to ensure that the CPD needs of key groups of staff within their school are fully met.

The Core Offer provides a comprehensive programme of professional development opportunities for Heads, Deputies, Maths & English Subject Leaders, SENCos, Early Years leaders, New and Recently Qualified Teachers and Teaching Assistants.  The events are run throughout the academic year and provide a fantastic opportunity for key groups of staff within school to work together with their peers, learning together, networking and sharing practice.

By subscribing to the Core Offer programme at the beginning of the academic year, schools can access significant discounts on this comprehensive programme of CPD.

For more information about our Core Offer programme for 2017-18, please download our training and development brochure 2017-18.

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If you are interested in subscribing to any aspect of our Core Offer or if you would like to discuss your specific professional learning needs please contact us directly.

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