About Us

The Gateway Alliance was formed in July 2011, originally as a teaching school alliance and, on the 20th May 2015, was incorporated as a school company. Our central team is composed of Helen Martin (Executive Director), Sally Hewitt (Development Manager), Lisa Batchelor (Alliance Business Manager) and Jo Barlow (Alliance Administrator) and this team works closely with our alliance of schools and wider partners to deliver our aims as set out below.

The Gateway Alliance aims to:

  • be part of a school-led system that enhances teaching and learning and supports the delivery of improved outcomes for children
  • be a trusted provider of outstanding professional development for schools within and beyond Warwickshire
  • play a significant role in the recruitment and training of new entrants to the teaching profession through our involvement in high quality initial teacher education
  • broker and provide school to school support to ensure that schools within and beyond the Alliance can be strong and successful organisations meeting the needs within their own context
  • engage in research and development activities that contribute to a more evidence based approach to school improvement
  • provide and broker leadership development opportunities for staff within and beyond the Alliance to develop their leadership skills, experience and confidence
  • maintain and further develop partnership links with primary, secondary and special schools, teaching schools, universities and other educational organisations

Partner Schools

The Gateway Alliance school company partner schools are:

Claverdon Primary
Whitestone Infants
Wembrook Primary
The Stour Federation
Bridgetown Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary

Studley Infant School
Welford on Avon Primary School

The role that the partner schools play is critical and involves the following:

  • Through their commitment to collaborative working and supporting others to improve, they contribute their expertise and experience to the development and delivery of alliance programmes and activities.
  • Contribute to the development of the Gateway Alliance delivery plan, by driving and shaping the Gateway Alliance provision to meet the needs of their own and wider schools.
  • Represent the views of their local schools, communicate their feedback, ideas and development needs to the Gateway Alliance and also communicate key messages from the Gateway Alliance back to their local school groups.
  • Be an active member of one of the alliance core groups/committees.
  • Support the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of Gateway Alliance activities.
  • Act as ambassadors for the Gateway Alliance and actively promote its work, vision and values.

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