Celebrating Our Teacher Trainees’ Success!

A great evening was had by all on Friday 13th October as we celebrated the success of the 2016-17 University of Warwick teacher trainees at the Annual Awards dinner.

Well done to the Gateway Alliance School Direct trainees Katy Thorpe, Georgina Spollon, Joey Reiner, Amanda Ridge, Heloise Morton and Sally Tinkler for their nominations and to Sarah Furn-Davies for the winning the prestigious ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award.

We were delighted to have 14 trainees complete the Gateway Alliance School Direct Programme in 2016-17, with 10 of those finishing with a final grade of “Outstanding” and 4 with a final grade of “Good”. All trainees rated the Gateway Alliance programme and support as good or excellent.

Well done to all of our trainees, who have all done brilliantly.  We wish them well for a long and happy career as a teacher.

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