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The Power of Creating & Thinking Critically: A Case Study in Nurturing the Characteristics of Effective Learning led by Andy Burt – Early Excellence

DATE: Tuesday 5th March 2019

TIME: 09:30-15:30


As an experienced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Leader, consultant, author, writer and researcher Andy Burt has explored EYFS practice from a wide variety of perspectives. In this training, Andy will share the key elements of effective practice as explored in his co- written text ‘Understanding Young Children’s Learning Through Play’.

 In this inspiring session, Andy will draw on examples of how, by starting from the children’s own experiences, we can support young learners in nurturing and growing a strong exploratory drive for new learning. Andy will explore how we can plan for and develop an environment based around children’s own fascinations and interests and how this can provide the basis for skilful interactions, creative expression and learning across every area of the curriculum.


Andy Burt is an experienced EYFS Teacher and School Leader who has explored open-ended, creative and innovative approaches to learning over a number of years.  

Research done in collaboration with Prof. Pat Broadhead, focusing on Andy’s work, led to the exploration of ‘the whatever you want it to be place’ and the co-written text ‘Understanding Children’s Learning through Play’ which was published by Routledge in 2011.


This event is free to those schools who subscribe to the Gateway Alliance – core offer for EARLY YEARS.

There is one place available per subscribing school. Additional places may be booked at a cost of £105 per person. Non-subscribing schools may attend, subject to availability, at a cost of £180 per person. Invoices to be paid prior to the event.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02476 347697 or email: info@gatewayalliance.co.uk

Stoneleigh Park Stoneleigh Road (B4113)
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