Gateway is Going Green!

Author: Pam Carpenter
Category: news

With COP27 and an eagerness to develop greater awareness of our impact on our future, Gateway Alliance is making 2022-23 its year to ‘Go Green’ –  a theme reflected in our CPD Programme and in our ways of working as we strive towards sustainability.

Sustainability themed events at Gateway Alliance

Senior Leaders Network: Sustainable Development

Last week saw our half-day Senior Leaders Network event on ‘Sustainable Development’ where we heard from a range of speakers offering both strategic and practical information in terms of the important role that schools play in supporting the climate change and sustainability agenda. Key messages were shared from the DfE’s Jonathan Dewsbury and Ann Finalyson joined us from SEEd (Sustainability and Environmental Education) to provide an insight into how SEEd works on ‘Putting sustainability at the heart of learning, learning at the heart of sustainability, and sustainability at the heart of everything’. The Harmony Project’s Richard Dunne and The Rivers MAT’s Kerry Rochester and Emily Calvert then brought life to UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals through Harmony’s Sustainability Projects and The Rivers MAT Ethical Curriculum. An incredible event which provided much food for thought for Senior Leaders and a vast array of takeaways and ideas to make that difference back in school for our future generations.

Curriculum CPD Science: Progression in Primary Science – Right here, right now…and for our future

Eleanor Atkinson will lead a full day face-to-face Curriculum Science day on Friday 10th February.

As part of this event,  she will spend time exploring ‘Going green’, how sustainability fits into the Science curriculum and introduce activities that apply scientific knowledge and skills in the classroom.

Curriculum Geography: Embedding Sustainability through Geography Provision EYFS – Year 6

On Friday 17th March, David Weatherly will support colleagues to:

• Understand what sustainability and sustainable development encompass at a national and international level

• Consider how these principles might be introduced to pupils in an accessible, objective and age-appropriate way EYFS-Year 6.

• Think about what progression and sequencing might look like for a sustainability dimension to their curriculum.

• Give careful thought as to the selection of content/ ‘body of knowledge’ about sustainability issues that might form part of their provision in geography.

• Reflect upon pedagogy to best support cumulative learning and the building of a deep, broad and nuanced understanding of sustainability.

• Review examples of enquiries in geography with a sustainability focus EYFS – Year 6.

• Know from where they might source support for developing education for sustainability through geography.

Early Years Inspiration Day 2: Doing well and feeling good…now and in the future

Sarah Watkins who will lead this day for Early Years Leaders on Thursday 15th June,  is the author of two books published by Routledge; the first explores outdoor play and wellbeing in early years and the second focuses on practical ways to ensure sustainability in primary settings. Climate anxiety is increasing among children and, during the second part of this session, delegates will explore practical ideas for integrating sustainability into the curriculum. We will investigate ways to involve children in eco-auditing as well as getting hands on with learning-rich activities that benefit children’s wellbeing and the environment.

What you might notice has changed at Gateway Alliance events…

As part of our pledge to Go Green at Gateway, we are acting more responsibly in an effort to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE! We aim to do this by:

  • Reducing plastic use at our events
  • Using less paper – we will be releasing event resources electronically and encouraging delegates to access on electronic devices or print for themselves if they prefer hard copy.
  • Minimising food waste – Please always let us know if you aren’t able to attend any of our full day face-to-face events so we can ensure lunch numbers are accurate


If you would like any further information about any of these events or have any queries, please contact us on