Attendance Network Launch

Resources, recordings and other useful information relating to the Gateway Alliance Attendance Network Launch Meeting can be found on this page.

ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION DISCOUNT – if you attended the launch meeting and wish to access £100 off the cost of joining the network in 2024-25 please remember to email before 1st July 2024 to claim your reduced cost Attendance Network subscription.

Partnership link with Inclusive Attendance

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Inclusive Attendance to bring this network to you. All schools that subscribe to the network in 2024-25 will receive 1 FREE Inclusive Attendance online platform – with access to a range of high-quality training modules and resources PLUS 1 FREE Inclusive Governors membership to any school that joins the attendance before 18th July 2024. Inclusive Governors exceeds the governance expectations and requirements outlined in the Working Together and Summary Tables of Responsibilities statutory papers, effective from August 19th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance your school’s governance standards and ensure compliance with the latest statutory guidelines.


To access the slides from the session click on the resources link below…

To watch the recording of the session, click on the video link below:


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