NEW EEF Implementation Report Launch!

Author: Pam Carpenter
Category: news

NEW EEF Implementation Guidance Report launched with SRS events to support schools.

We are thrilled to share the announcement of  the release of the EEF’s latest Implementation Guidance Report. This comprehensive resource is a game-changer for school leaders, offering insights drawn from extensive research. Packed with actionable recommendations, this guide equips leaders with the knowledge and support they need to spearhead transformative changes and drive improvements effectively.

Staffordshire Research School are hosting a series of launch events where you can find out all about this fantastic new resource.  Sessions are being hosted in Sutton Coldfield, Burton upon Trent and virtually with a variety of dates and times available.

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‘3 Minutes on Leadership’ Series

Commencing on Wednesday, April 24th, in sync with the release of the eagerly anticipated EEF Implementation Guidance Report, Staffordshire Research School are excited to introduce a brief weekly email series. Each Wednesday, leaders will receive a concise, three-minute read featuring leadership research insights, thought-provoking reflection questions, and additional recommended reading materials to enrich your professional journey.

Please complete the form here if you would like to receive a weekly email.