Coaching Webinar 3: Using Perspectives in Coaching to Encourage a Different Mindset

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Coaching Webinar 3: 

This is the final one of three coaching webinars being led by expert leadership coaches which form part of the support offer from Warwickshire County Council, Education Services to support Headteacher Well-Being. These webinars are FREE to Warwickshire Headteachers.

Audience: This webinar is for Headteachers.

SESSION TITLE: Using Perspectives in Coaching to Encourage a Different Mindset led by Julie Rees

Investing in a form of CPD for school leaders that is sustainable, and will grow with their leadership, is essential.  Leadership is fundamentally made up of two parts, who we are and what we do.  The coaching is the simple part, it is what we can all learn to do.  The key to making it a success is the alliance between the coach and coachee, the unique relationship. The coach and coachee must develop a relationship that is collaborative, cooperative, active and engaged in order to evoke action steps and learning.

When you become a coach, you develop a particular way to be in conversation with another person. Coaching offers a unique way to listen, explore, raise awareness, make choices which may lead to taking risks.  This learning informs the next choice and, consequently, the next steps.  Coaching is an ongoing relationship and is chiefly about discovery, awareness and choice.

Sometimes, when we are struggling with a topic and the choices in front of us, we need a coach to guide us through the perspectives using different lenses.  What would it look like if we viewed a situation that was challenging us through a different lens?

Areas to be covered in this workshop:

  • How can leaders help coach one another to find a new energy when they feel frustrated or confused?
  • Consider circumstances vs possibilities
  • Learn a 5-step formula to move coachees from stuck to possibility and from possibility to action

Julie will model how this could work in an educational context and share how she has used it as part of action planning with colleagues for school improvement.

DATE: Tuesday 20th April 2021

TIME: 10:00-11:00am

We will be using Zoom (online video conferencing software) to host this online event. If you have not used Zoom previously, you may need to download the Zoom software either to a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, prior to joining. When you have booked your place a link will be emailed to you, within 48 hours of the webinar, with further instructions about how to join the event.

The session will also be recorded and afterwards an edited version will be shared with those schools that have booked a place.



COST: This webinar is FREE for all Warwickshire Headteachers. This is one of a series 3 coaching webinars that are being funded by Warwickshire County Council, Education Services for all Warwickshire Headteachers. For details of the other webinars in this series please click here and search subject ‘coaching’.

For all non-Warwickshire schools, access to this live event costs £50 per person. This INCLUDES a copy of the recorded webinar for use in your own school afterwards.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02476 347697 or email:

Julie Rees

Julie is a primary school head teacher with many years’ experience leading values-based schools. She also works as a leadership coach, supporting educators in the UK and internationally and, as a result of her approach to school leadership, is currently writing her second book for our Independent Thinking Press, Stress Less Headship.


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