NQT CPD Programme – Reading Across the Curriculum WEBINAR

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NQT CPD Programme – Reading Across the Curriculum

This session will be led by English Consultant Ruth Baker-Leask. During the session Ruth will explore how, by teaching reading well, teachers provide children with greater access to all curriculum areas.  This will involve looking at the place of decoding (word recognition) within the continuum of learning to read as well as examining the complex, critical thinking skills needed to understand texts (language comprehension).  Alongside this essential knowledge, Ruth will introduce delegates to a wide range of high quality texts to inspire and engage teachers and children alike.

Ruth Baker-Leask

Ruth is an experienced consultant who has been leading successful Literacy and English CPD for 18 years.  Former primary Head Teacher, Ruth provides support to schools and other organisations within the education sector.

She is currently the chair of the National Association of the Advisors of English (NAAE), an associate consultant for the National Literacy Trust, and an associate teacher for the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). Ruth’s knowledge of the curriculum and children’s literature and her passion for the teaching of English inspires all with whom she works.

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