Understanding the Law Concerning Permanent Exclusions

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Understanding the Law Concerning Permanent Exclusions

Led by Guy Darvill

This session will provide a comprehensive guide for school staff on the law concerning permanent exclusions, and in particular how this relates when issued to pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

This session will be led by Senior Education Solicitor, Guy Darvill and will focus on:

  • When a permanent exclusion may be justified.
  • The process which should be followed following any permanent exclusion
  • How to identify children with SEND, and the circumstances in which schools have a duty to support children under the Equality Act.
  • What schools must be able to show before a permanent exclusion of a child with SEND will be lawful.
  • The extent of the ‘reasonable adjustments’ and ‘discrimination arising out of disability’ duties.
  • What challenges might be received.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a costed, standalone event and does not form part of any current subscription.

DATE: Thursday 22nd February 2024

TIME: 09:00-11:30

LOCATION: ONLINE – ZOOM meeting (a link will be sent out a week before)

COST: £95 per person



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Guy Darvill – Senior Education Solicitor 

Guy joined Warwickshire County Council in 2016 after working for a number of years at Staffordshire County Council, having initially qualified in private practice. He has built up extensive experience in all aspects of education law, advising on special educational needs, school transport, admission and exclusion issues, and general educational duties. His work in this field also includes representing at the Special Educational Needs Tribunal and clerking Independent Exclusion Review Panels, admission appeals and Home-to-School Transport Reviews, as well as training panel members and council officers. He also has experience in ombudsman matters, bringing and responding to Upper Tribunal appeals, and defending judicial review proceedings.

Guy has worked for schools on a wide range of issues, advising on areas including family proceedings, social media usage, contract disputes, defamation actions, complaints, and many other matters. He also has considerable knowledge on local government law and processes through his involvement as a designated lawyer, working on transformation projects concerning libraries, youth services, children’s centres, and non-statutory adult social care provision.

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